AppBrowzer [Android App]

AppBrowzer [Android App]

App Name: AppBrowzer [Android App]
Cost: Free
Developer: Appbrowzer
App Market: Download Page
App Browser solves the biggest friction we face with current mobile Apps nowadays – “requirement to download an App in order to use it”. App Browser is the world’s first mobile app store for browseable apps this time. All apps listed on AppBrowzer are ‘Instant Apps’ which are fast and can be used without the user having to download them on the phone.
If you are worried with space crunch in your Android phone, this is for you. It’s the one-App solution to all the Apps!
App Browser provides you a wide range of features which helps you to look through, find and use the top 200+ Instant Apps. Currently, Apps listed in our App Store are mixed-bag of apps that can be browsed instantly – Apps that are built on App Browser platform and progressive web apps.
With Appbrowser, not only can you shop to your heart’s content at places like Amazon, Flip kart, Snap deal etc. without downloading them, but you can also pay your bills using Pay TM, book flights, hire a taxi from Uber, book a hotel room from Booking, or purchase movies tickets from Book my show and more.
So here’s a glimpse of what all you can do when you have App Browser:
• Read news form the biggest sources like CNN, Economics times, The Telegraph, Tech crunch.
• Get social with Twitter, Instagram and Linked in.
• Shop from apps like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and others.
• Traveling somewhere? We have likes of Uber to drop you to your location and Clear trip, Goibibo to book your flights, trains and desired hotels.
• Recharge and pay bills on-the-go with PayTM and Freecharge.
App Features:
*Customized Dashboard – Create your own dashboard with Apps that you use frequently and use them with one tap. Yes, it’s that easy!
*14 Categories – Select from list of top categories including News, Entertainment, Education, Business, Finance, Videos, Shopping, Deals, Travel and much more. We have hand-picked over 200 Instant apps and progressive web apps and bucket them in 14 categories for seamless discoverability.
*Nearby Places and Business – Turn on your location service and we will provide you a list of apps near to you that will be handy for you and your business. Yes, you don’t have to run behind apps, it’s their time to run behind you!
Not satisfied yet? Here are few more reasons why your phone and Heart needs AppBrowzer:
• To ease the searching and exploring of a wide range of apps for Instant use.
• It is light, fast, and secure and also requires minimal space, RAM and storage.
• All of the AppBrowzer’s Instant Apps are automatically updated, so saves you the trouble of doing it yourself.
• AppBrowzer also categorizes the apps as per your interest, and users can easily browse through them.

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