Make work & Play interchangeable


Curated ideation space composed of dream dealers, risk-takers and open-minded strategists.

The PLAYROOM is a collaborative element of the PLAYBOOK where diverse visionaries foster idea incubation establishing feasibility and scalability. The purpose of the PLAYROOM is to thoroughly flush out an idea in an open environment before promotion, decreasing chances of being overlooked or falling through the cracks.

From Idea to Impact
From Concept to Creation
From Potential to Profit

Apply below for your chance to win $1000 towards your idea and free incubation services.


Submit 2 sentences in your format of choice that best describes your vision. The objective is to create an interpretation about your idea without explicitly revealing the concept. This will showcase your ability to think outside of the box.

Examples include:
- word document
- song
- short poem
- video

There are no limits, GET CREATIVE!!!

Submissions close August 7th, 2021. Winner will be notified via email.

We value your trust and want to be crystal clear that this is your concept, not ours. To ensure the security of your idea, non-disclosure agreements will need to be signed for the protection of both partied once selected. We encourage you to send your own so there is no confusion.

For any questions, please email contact@theplaybook.co