An Idea Incubator Committed to Pushing Raw Concepts Forward By Molding Foundations Built to Last

The most substantial feature of an actual, literal building is the foundation. Without the infrastructure being solid, everything within the building would eventually be destroyed. Short and sweet, only the strong survive. Your "building" or idea, can only grow as strong as your foundation is strong enough to build upon. We turn concepts into tangible plans or in our words, "plays," and strengthen the groundwork of raw ideas.


We pride ourselves on creating relevant and goal-driven strategies to form successful frameworks.


Flexibility and ingenuity are priorities through each concept. We give you the keys then guide you on how to use them.


Our approach is tailored to each client combining creative eyes with market research and consumer psychology.

Our Core values

We Celebrate Unconventionality


Passion For Progress

We believe that most businesses that are unsuccessful lack direction, foundation or knowledge. While getting grounded, we provide you with all three aspects ensuring profitability and influence to follow.


Think Big, Talk Big, Act Bigger

Our team works diligently to connect your vision to well-grounded actions. We challenge our ideas, as well as yours, of what's possible in order to go above and beyond expectations.


Operate With Transparency

Human to human, we keep it honest. We don't take for granted that you've trusted us with your "baby" or big idea. In order to nurture a fruitful relationship we understand that trust must first be established.


Deliver Quality Results

Performing at our highest capacity is something we take pride in. Before the work is done, we align with you on key deliverables and deploy an action plan.

Experience in Various Industries

Meet the CEO

DaNae McDaniel is a multi-faceted consultant who is dedicated to creative evolution by navigating the intersection of business and art. She is a graduate of Howard University where she earned her BBA in Marketing with a concentration in Business Management. With an extensive background in creative direction and business strategy, DaNae has worked with a multitude of entrepreneurs, non-profits and well-known corporations, most of which being Fortune 500 companies. Her certifications include Amazon Web Services, Tableau Data Visualization, Statistical Package for the Social Science and Scrum & Agile Practices to name a few.